Paying Tribute with Flags For Fallen Military

Established in 2006, Flags For Fallen Military (FFM) was founded to honor fallen heroes, allowing families to commemorate their sacrifice with American Flags. Join us in remembering and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Here’s more about FFM.

A soldier in camouflage holding a rifle while standing next to another soldier.

A Family's Commitment

FFM is a labor of love led by David C. Larson, who, though not a military veteran himself, was raised in a military family. Driven by a deep sense of duty, he founded FFM to make a meaningful impact and honor the memories of our fallen heroes.

Two american flags with a dog tag on top of them.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Developed and initially operated by the Larson Family, FFM turned a dream into reality. Generous suppliers and donors played a crucial role, making it possible for many families to receive flags and free installation, offering a heartfelt connection to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Connecting with Families

FFM extends an open invitation to families who have lost a hero. Families may receive a formal 'Flag Offering Letter,' and if they wish, FFM facilitates the placement of a flag and flagpole in memory of their fallen loved one. The process, including flagpole details, is tailored to the family's preferences.

A flag flying in the wind on top of a pole.

Endless Rewards of Service

FFM is not just a program; it's a deeply rewarding experience. The Larson family and volunteers have had the privilege of meeting wonderful people and families. The rewards extend far beyond the flags placed, creating lasting connections and meaningful interactions.

Continuing the Mission

FFM remains committed to its mission. The program will continue until all families choosing to be recognized receive their commemorative flags. As long as there are requests from families, FFM will persist in placing flags, ensuring the legacy of our fallen heroes endures.

Fundraising for a Purpose

FFM's fundraising efforts focus on USA-based businesses, foundations, and personal donations from friends, family, and the public. Join us in supporting this noble cause as we strive to honor the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and their families.

A flag flying in the wind on top of a pole.