Help Us in Honoring the Fallen Heroes

We Need Your Help! 
We are looking for people in every state across the nation to help install flagpoles and/or help with fundraising. If you are interested, please download the documents below and contact us

Flags For Fallen Military Volunteer Agreement

I am applying to donate my time to advance the mission and goals of Flags For Fallen Military (hereinafter referred to as FFM). I further apply to participate in programs and activities sponsored by FFM. Furthermore, I understand that FFM is a non-profit organization that honors our fallen heroes who have given their lives for our freedom. FFM does not charge the recipients and does not receive any compensation for its services.

I further acknowledge and agree that as a Volunteer, the services I provide to FFM will be without pay. I am 18 years of age or older and have the requisite authority to enter into this Agreement. Furthermore, I do not have any health condition, whether mental or physical, that may prevent me from safely installing the requested pole and flag.

A map of the united states with green and gray areas.
A picture of an american flag with eagle heads.

I have no history of committing acts of physical violence against humans or animals, nor have I ever been convicted of a crime of any kind.

I agree that FFM and the parties or property owners for whom I am performing services shall not be liable for any injury that I may incur while participating, and I release and agree to hold harmless and defend them from any claim that I or anyone may have arising from my participation. Likewise, I agree to allow the use and publication in any newspaper, magazine, or other form of media (“Press Release”) of any photograph, recording, interview, videotape, or other recording of me in connection with any activities in which I may participate with FSM. However, I shall not allow the publication of any such press release without the consent of an officer of FFM.

I understand and agree that the privacy of FFM recipients is paramount. Accordingly, I agree not to disclose any Personal Information about any FFM recipient or their family to anyone. “Personal Information” includes, but is not limited to, recipients’ name or contact information. Except as reasonably required to perform the Volunteer’s services to FFM or as may be required by law, under no circumstances shall the Volunteer possess any medium, including but not limited to digital files or papers, containing Personal Information. Please fax or e-mail the completed form to David Larson at (888) 616-3420 or

Please indicate how far you are willing to drive one way to install flag poles. I agree not to initiate any claim against FFM resulting from my service as a Volunteer.

Volunteer Information

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By completing and submitting this volunteer form to FFM, I affirm that I have read and understand this agreement in its entirety. I further affirm that I have read and agree with the FFM mission statement and code of ethics. I further affirm and agree that this is my electronic signature and understand that my IP Address will be recorded.
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