An American Flag in Honor of the Ultimate Sacrifice

We appreciate you visiting the home of Flags For Fallen Military (FFM). We were established in the summer of 2006 with a noble goal: to honor the ultimate sacrifices made by our military heroes.

A blue circle with the words flags for fallen military and freedom is earned in it.

Our Mission

We offer their families the opportunity to commemorate their loved ones with the placement of a free American flag and free flagpole installation, serving as enduring symbols of their heroic deeds.

A flag flying in the wind on top of a pole.

The Road Ahead

Founded and initially operated exclusively by the Larson Family, Flags For Fallen Military (FFM) is led by David C. Larson, the Founder and Executive Director. Although not a military veteran himself, David was raised in a military family, motivating him to take action and contribute to a meaningful cause. The dream was sketched, and thanks to generous donors and suppliers, it came to fruition.

Fallen Heroes’ Tribute

Our foundation extends an open invitation to any family who has lost a hero. They may receive our formal ‘Flag Offering Letter,’ and if they wish, we facilitate the placement of a flag and flagpole in memory of their fallen loved one. The specifics of the flagpole installation, such as size and timing, are determined according to the family's preferences.

A close up of the american flag flying in the sky

The Journey Has Just Begun

The Flags For Fallen Military Foundation is a labor of love, with many individuals generously volunteering their time. We are committed to continuing our mission until every family that chooses to participate has received their commemorative flags. Our fundraising efforts have been focused on USA-based businesses, foundations, and personal donations from friends, family, and the public.