The Inception of Thin Blue Line Initiative

Thank you for visiting about Thin Blue Line page. The Thin Blue Line Initiative, operated by the Larson Family, was cofounded by David C. Larson. Although not a military veteran, David, raised in a military family, felt a profound calling to contribute. With the support of generous suppliers and donors, the dream became a reality, providing flags to many families. The rewards extend beyond flags as volunteers connect with wonderful individuals and families.

A picture of the united states marine corps insignia.
A blue star on top of a white cross.

Supporting Heroes

Families initiate contact, deciding if they want a flag and flagpole in memory of their loved one. The program respects individual choices, letting families determine the flagpole's placement, size, and timing. Explore flag installations, part of the initiative's goal to honor every fallen hero, regardless of background, and be the change by donating to this noble cause today.